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Bacon Board Games

Original, Fun-Filled, and Exciting

About Bacon Board Games

Original, Fun-Filled, and Exciting Board Games

We are a new-to-the-game family-owned Company hoping to bring original, fun-filled, and exciting board games to a wide range of customers. We create family-friendly, strategy-focused, social-deduction, and party games for EVERYONE! 

Please support our VERY FIRST GAME - Unlikely Minds

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Unlikely Minds

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Unlikely Minds

Family-friendly, Social-deduction, Hidden Identity Board Game

Get Ready! It is time to awaken your dormant telepathic powers and read the minds of your friends. Be the best mind-reader and predict what other players think. Catch the Swindler! Get away with lies! Find your Fortune! And win the game as the most Unlikely Mind!

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