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Bacon Board Games

We are a small family-owned Company that strives to bring you the very best board game experience.

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Meet Bacon Board Games Founders:

My name is Slava (on the left). For as long as I can remember - board games were there. Be that weekly game nights with friends, weeks-long strategy competitions, or a Codenames break with work buddies during lunch. Board games brought me joy, laughter, and many many good memories. Lucky for me, I met a girl who shared my excitement and enjoyment of tabletop games. That girl is Lexie (on the right), who is now my wife. Together we decided to share our love for games with the rest of the world and add to the neverending archives of games by creating our own. Check out our very first game - Unlikely Minds!

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Our mission


We draw inspiration for our games from the games we love most. We incorporate original and exciting concepts that offer a wide variety of play throughs.


We believe that the number one priority in any board game is fun so we strive to enrich the lives of our players with as much fun as we can fit into that box!


There's nothing that's more exciting than playing a brand-new, original, and fun-filled game! Lucky for you our games are just that!

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