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White Structure

The Ultimate Social-Deduction, Hidden Identity, Party Game 

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Playing Unlikely Minds - Live Photos:

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Play with 4-8 players

Unlikely Minds is a social deduction, hidden identity, party game. Get ready as it is time to awaken your dormant psychic powers!

  •  Every turn begins with players selecting a topic and writing down three words that they predict someone else will also write down.

  • All players are Psychics, except for the Swindler, who writes down answers they predict no one else will think of.

  • At the end of each turn, players vote on who they think the Swindler is. If the Swindler is caught - they lose a turn, if not, they advance twice as far on the board.

  • The Psychics advance one space on the board for each answer they wrote that matched someone else's. If they voted for the Swindler - one additional space.

  • Role cards are shuffled together and handed out to each player. A new Swindler is now among the Psychics and the next round begins. 

        Try the Master Psychic version where each psychic possesses a unique power! Both games are included in the box!


Are you ready to become the Master Psychic?

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