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The Ultimate Social-Deduction, Hidden Identity, Party Game 

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Playing Unlikely Minds - Live Photos:

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How To Play?

UNLIKELY MINDS is a captivating social deduction and hidden identity party board game that invites you to tap into your dormant psychic potential.

  • Each thrilling turn commences with players selecting a topic and discreetly jotting down three predictions, trying to foresee the responses of others.

  • Every player adopts the role of a Psychic, except for one, the Swindler.

  • Psychics harness unique abilities that empower them to peer into the minds of fellow players, gaining advantages and even creating havoc.

  • The Swindler, in contrast to the Psychics, crafts answers they believe no one else will conceive.

  • After each turn, players convene to cast their votes, attempting to unmask The Swindler. If successful, The Swindler forfeits a turn; otherwise, they advance twice as far on the game board.

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  • Psychics progress one space on the board for each matched answer, and if they correctly identify The Swindler, they gain an additional move.

  • As role cards are shuffled and distributed, a new Swindler emerges among the Psychics, launching the next exhilarating round.

Challenge your friends to the ultimate test of wits and embrace the mystique of Unlikely Minds!

Will you emerge as the Psychic, skillfully predicting the thoughts of others? Or will you master the art of deception as the cunning Swindler, sowing chaos and discord?


Will You be The Psychic or the Swindler?


The Swindler

Name - Unknown

A mercenary in the shadows. No one has ever seen his face, just heard the cunning, treacherous voice from behind. Only to turn around and see nothing. The crowds named him Swindler, but the identity remains uncovered to this day. And whilst it is unknown, the Swindler continues prowl on naive travelers and their riches.


Write down answers you think no other player will write. Move ahead twice as far but only for each answer no other player wrote down. If you are caught - do not move.


Psychic -  The Witch

Morgana Blyth

The study of spells, potions, and hexes are of ancient origin. Undying art, which dies with its master. Morgana is known as the sweet, caring lady, living in the house on the hill. She always has a kind word to say and often treats her guests to pastries and a hot cup of tea. Yet, I wouldn’t drink that tea if I was you. Those who do, are never quite the same.


If you voted for the Swindler, move ahead two spaces, instead of one.


Psychic - The Magician

Andrew Burton

What does one think when they hear the word “Magician?” Extravagant shows, rabbit in the hat, the saw and the lady, the shouts from the crowd “How did he do that?”

A magician never reveals his tricks - and Andrew got quite a few up his sleeve. For one, none of his “tricks” are tricks at all.


Pick a player. If you guess at least two of their answers, move them one space ahead or one space back.

Who will you be?

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